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  • Talks

    Here’s some of the talks and workshops on animation production, writing and storyboarding I’ve presented through the years: “Wake, up Carlo” dreams – Serie Lab 2024 A talk about the special ‘dreams’ animated sequences of the animated series Wake, up Carlo. We discussed the production and narrative decisions we took, and the process of making…

  • Wake up, Carlo!

    “Wake up, Carlo” is an animated series with 13 x 22-minute episodes to which I’ve contributed from pre-greenlight development until final deliverables were sent to Netflix. A comedy-road-trip adventure with unique settings in each episode and a massive cast of characters, this project boasted an enormous team and a complex pipeline. As a creative supervisor,…

  • Published by Harper Collins, I’ve contributed as a writer and illustrator on this book based on Jorel’s brother animated series. The book was co-written with Elena Altheman and Juliano Enrico. Written in a diary format, the book spans across 192 pages and features occasional inserts of special pages in different languages, such as “pulp hero…

  • Jorel’s Brother

    I’ve contributed to Jorel’s Brother animated series on season’s 2, 3 and 4, starting as a storyboard artist and acting as storyboard supervisor on season 4. I’ve also written the episodes “Duck Comittee” and “The biggest music video of all time” for season 4. Currently, I’m writing for season 5. Below are a few storyboard…

  • Trunk Train the Movie

    Trunk Train the Movie

    I was a Storyboard Supervisor for Trunk Train the movie, and collaborated with the writers in the script development process, joining in the writer’s room. Trunk Train is an animated series first released in 2010. In the movie adaptation, our goal was to address unanswered questions from the series while also delivering a fresh and…

  • There’s a Society in my room!

    There’s a Society in my room!

    8-page comic, created in 2019 and featured in the “Mundos em Miniatura” (Worlds in miniature) comic book anthology. In this story, I aimed to mix a growing sense of anxiety about politics and my love for weird small creatures. You can buy the book here and read the story below. (swipe to change pages)

  • Impactful blows for daily combats

    Impactful blows for daily combats

    I’ve directed, written and storyboarded 52 ultra-short 5-second clips commissioned by Listerine. In each clip, Jorel’s brother defeats a germ in a unique way. There was a catch, though: all background art had to be reused from the animated series, as we had no art department for this project. Coming up with fresh scenarios for…

  • Jorel’s Brother’s Comic Strips

    Jorel’s Brother’s Comic Strips

    I’ve written and illustrated 29 comic strips staring Jorel’s Brother for Cartoon Network LATAM (Brazil and Latin America) social media, including crossovers with other CN’s properties (Teen Titans, Batman, Scooby Doo, DC Super Hero Girls)