Animation long format

Jorel’s Brother

Cartoon Network LATAM – animated series – 11 minutes episodes

Screenwriter on Season 5 (2023)

Season 4 (2019)

-The Duck Committee (S4 E16) – link on HBO MAX Brazil

-The Biggest Music Video of All Time (S4 E4) – link on HBO MAX Brazil


Storyboard Artist, seasons 2 and 3 | 16 episodes (2015 – 2018)

Storyboard Supervision, season 4 (2019)

Trunk Train

Animated Movie – Copa Studio (2019 – 2020)

Writer’s Room, Storyboard Supervision 

Apple TV link

Wake up, Carlo!

Netflix (2020 – 2023)

Development, Writer’s Room, Storyboard Supervision, Creative Supervision (inputs on scripts, art, animation, design, editing, etc)

Other Projects

Jorel’s Brother: Phenomenal book

HarperCollins, 192 pages (2020)

Co-Author: Writing, Illustration and 4 page comic

Book preview Amazon link

Jorel’s Brother comic strips

Cartoon Network (Brazil and Latin America) social media (2019 – 2021)

29 comic strips, writing and illustration.

Including crossovers with other CN’s properties (Teen Titans, Batman, Scooby Doo)

Relic Hunters Legend

TBA – Game – Rogue Snail / Gearbox (2020)

Animated Intro Cutscene – Writing, Storyboard, Directing 

Steam link

Impactful blows for daily combats

52 ultra-short animated clips commissioned by Listerine (2018)

Writing, Storyboard, Direction

Project presentation

There’s a society in my room!

Comic featured on “Mundos em Miniatura” comic book anthology (2018)

8 page comic, writing and illustration

Read the story, Buy the book

Experience as Animator

Oswaldo (2016)

Cartoon Network LATAM

Papaya Bull (2016)

Nickelodeon Brazil, NBC

Tanto Faz (2014)
Animated short, winner of Anima Mundi’s “Maratona Animada”